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Richie Angelucci, Ryan Valotta, and Bobby Pirylis have been individually successful for decades combined in the tri state area and east coast music scene. Rich and Ryan are former vocalist and guitarist members of Crystal Roxx, one the area’s most prominent and respected bands of the last 15 years. Equally experienced and respected, Bobby Pirylis (drummer) hails from Octane, a highly regarded tri state area original band, as well as the current original act Fosterchild.

Their diverse play list includes everything from Elvis to Led Zeppelin, Dave Matthews to Lady Gaga, Motown to Metallica – 50s/60s/70s/80s/90s/current, rock/pop/classic rock/new wave/dance/r&b/funk/blues.  They are able to play decade specific shows.
With their experience in different bands, all three members are very diverse and enjoy mixing it up at shows, taking requests constantly, establishing a more personable rapport with the crowd – with over 1000+ songs, they could play 7 nights in a row and never repeat a song! 

Their energetic, fun, dynamic, light to hard-hitting, humorous and personable style along with their diverse range of songs will fit any occasion.

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